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bagasuit091 Feb 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I've read quite a bit of Nuzlockes recently, and I just want to say that this one has got to be my favorite. I laughed, I developed your own little spins on the game plot, and kept it nicely suspenseful. It was really awesome to see how the comic pages improved along the way, with you even adding color to everything. The artwork is wonderful, and the simplicity of the style is very charming. Great work, I really enjoyed this!
Recently I have been thinking of making my own short Nuzlocke comic based of my lets play of Blaze Black. Would you recommend this and if so can you give me any tips?
Skarlath55 Dec 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I just :+fav:'d all of this folder >_>
I love these comics so much <3
A genius in story telling when the characters are so thought out and developed that you care when one is lost. The video's are especially sad due to the excellent song choices. You my my fine fellow have made me cry reading though you're story.
Ima this comic while listening to this [link]
I feel ashamed that I'm just figuring out about this...
now there is officially three nuzlock artists that i LOVE. I luv ur plot line to the nuzlocke and the drama in it. I hope it gets even better in ur Heart that i finished, time to read it again ;)
I've got to say, this is a fantastic comic series. Read it all last night, and I enjoyed every bit of this Nuzlocke comic!
I named my Abra in my Emerald Nuzlocke James, in memoriam. Good luck with any and all of your future nuzlocke challenges.
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